coming up in 2008…

it hasn’t slipped my attention that a quarter of the year has passed before I’m putting this up… there barely seems time at the moment to take a breath.

Easter: we’re not doing anything, for many reasons… but the Urban Seed guys let me know about a Stations of the Cross which will be happening at Mission to the Seafarers. Via Crucis @ Docklands 2008 will include art and multi-sensory, interactive worship stations based upon the Easter stories. The space will be open for personal reflection from midday on Maundy Thursday, 18th March. The exhibit will close on the evening of Good Friday, 19th March with a Reflective Worship Service commencing at 8pm.

The next public thing we’re working on is a basement space for the Forge Grassroots conference. After that we move into communal justice workshops, then a workshop in May for the Progressive Christian Network… At the end of May Jonny Baker arrives in melbourne to speak at the Urban Ministry Conference, and he’s also participating in the Alternative Worship Nosh [registrations are coming in for that – we’ve got limited places, so sign up soon if you plan to come].

Some of you will have heard that Pete Rollins was coming out in September – we’ve changed that date to February / March next year, in order to not clash with everything else that’s happening in September [and to be able to take a breath, post-greenbelt], and because we’re planning some fabulous things for Lent next year, which will be topped off with Pete’s visit.

The Docklands space is back on the agenda, the communal justice project is ramping up, i’m working with a new school development which is designing a ‘ministry centre’ / sacred space from scratch, and i’ve got an idea for next year’s holy week and this year’s christmas…

Today I’m working on worship / reflection spaces at the UnitingCare national conference in a couple of weeks – UnitingCare is the umbrella for the various agencies that are part of the uniting church [the uniting church is the largest non-government provider of welfare in australia]. this is my favourite kind of ‘audience’ – a large number of them wouldn’t define themselves as christian. i love having to look for new language…

welcome to this space

maybe you are here because you recognise in your own story
a greater story
one spoken since the beginning of time
by prophets, preachers and peacemakers
of God who calls all humankind to
liberation and wholeness.

if so, welcome to this space.

maybe you are here, not defined by a relationship with god
but nonetheless as someone with a deep conviction
that there is no inevitable unfolding to anyone’s life
but that our futures are yet to be written
and can be shaped by justice and compassion.

if so, welcome to this space.

maybe you are here because you have glimpsed
a moment of love that is beyond human reach
the grace that lies just beyond our finger tips
unexpected and beautiful
that transforms the ugly into breathtaking
the impossible into the real

if so, welcome to this space.

maybe you are here tired
no longer sure whether you belong
or how any of this makes a difference
struggling to remember the vision that inspired you
and to find the passion that eludes you

you too are welcome to this space…

things were so busy yesterday that the only possible thing to do was to take off and go and wander around the NGV for a couple of hours. thanks to sue for pointing me in the direction of a new installation… can’t wait to use this somewhere… it was a ladder made out of tubes of LED lights, hanging between two mirrors, one placed on the floor, one on the ceiling [about 3 m apart]. if you stand over the mirror, the ladder reaches up or down forever. it sounds mundane, it’s actually quite amazing.

and thanks to Kathy for pointing me towards Proyecto para un memorial (Project for a Memorial) – five video projections, each of a different face being painted with water on concrete, slowing disappearing in heat. the idea ties in beautifully with ecclesiastes ‘vanity, all is vanity’, which i’m using for the Uniting Care conference…