coming up this year…

I can’t wait to show you all the stuff we’ve been working on here, but it will need to wait a few weeks yet… but i’ve been super inspired this week by Kevin Cooley’s videos, these installations, and this paper work

I thought I should check in and remind people of what’s coming up in the next few months. Firstly, I’m in Adelaide in the second week of March, joining Jonny Baker, Steve Taylor, Craig Mitchell and a host of others at a series of workshops and public installations entitled ‘Spirit of Wonder’, coinciding with the Adelaide Fringe Festival. More information can be found here. The title of the installation that Jonny and I are curating, with the help of people from SA, is The Landscape of Desire. It’s the loveliest theme to work with…

UK 2010

And applications for the 2010 UK Greenbelt and beyond trip close at the end of February. More information and a registration form are available here. This is shaping up to be better than ever… I really can’t wait.


  1. Sarah

    can’t wait till Spirit of Wonder in Adelaide! yay! wonder if I can work out a way to be able to register for greenbelt and beyond … ??

    looking forward to seeing you soon!

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