confession 3

we scarcely dare to open up the parts of our lives we would rather hide
for fear they are too ugly to be forgiven:

when we have acted out of hatred or mistrust
when we have betrayed and broken others
when we have thought only the worst of ourselves.

we confess these things,
and we confess we lack the faith you will forgive them.

but you promise that nothing and no-one is beyond your love,
and that we can be confident of your forgiveness.
give us faith to believe so that now we can begin again.

and because you tell us that no-one is beyond your love
give us the faith also to believe that those we find hardest to forgive
are offered it too,
even those who want only to hurt us or betray us.
Love them
even if we can’t.
Forgive them,
even if we don’t want it to be possible,
Give us faith to let them begin again.


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