i took my semi-annual trip into church culture this week, with a meeting in perth. i find it odd that the most christian-cultured space i visit is a national mission and evangelism meeting.

odd also, how churlish and grumpy i become in those spaces. i watch myself, somewhat bemused and bewildered, and really dislike what i turn into there. i know i have to take responsibility for that, but i do also have to say that church doesn’t bring out the best in me at all.

my head is a in weird place at the moment – a lovely one, not bad. i think i’m at one of those cusp moments where the axes my life rotates on are moving. i love moments like this.

but the silence here is not because of that. it’s just because most of my work at the moment doesn’t involve stories that are mine to talk about. thanks for hanging around if you are still here. one day i’ll get back to this.


  1. Rach

    I’m always here. I find comfort in your words and journey (what I know of it from your words, anyway)

  2. Julie-Anne

    God follows us goes before us allows us to live
    speak your thoughts in the church even in the church building to the people in the church at that moment one must speak and cop the rebuf
    is it the building?
    how does one own a building through one’s faith?
    as you own a house…park in the yard, open the door, settle yourelf in , make a cuppa, make a mess, eat some food, listen to music, make more mess, clean it up, invite people over, make more mess, open and shut the fridge door often, keep a good cellar, pick flowers from the garden, buy more toilet paper when it runs out, speak your mind with your voice your hands, laugh, help pay the bills, seek out the spirit of every corner, use doilies often, and leave it for short holidays every now and then, and welcome house sitters in. you are loved in it and out of it …it is yours…your love ancestors prepared it for you. Find peace in it.

  3. Kel

    Cheryl, I can relate to the ‘churlish & grumpy’ ‘doesn’t bring out the best in me’ response

    may the cuspal change bring clarity

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