ctm chapel

I curated a space for a leadership training event at the Centre for Theology and Ministry [CTM] on Saturday. It was on the theme ‘the memory of water’ … the chapel at the CTM is so perfect for doing installations. The CTM is a new complex, and the architects did a fantastic job of listening and understanding the dynamics of different forms of worship and sacred space. i was in on the initial conversations with the architects – they asked quite brilliant and insightful questions, and it’s reflected in the way the space has worked.

There are powerpoints everywhere, including a number of hidden points in the centre of the floor. There’s also network cabling for internet access. The chapel has full length windows against the back wall, which look over a gorgeous garden…

those windows have mechanically operated blackout blinds, and then the choice of a white overlay blind that can be lowered to cover the black [which is great to project onto]. The skylights have blackout blinds. The lighting is easy to manipulate, the furniture is all easily moveable, and there are good storage spaces which make it possible to entirely clear the room… the space is large, but not too large… next time i’m taking a ladder – i think we could stick a data projector onto the cross beam on the back window and project up high onto the ‘hidden’ wall…

i was even given permission to put hooks in the ceiling if i needed to [i wanted to hang stuff], but there were glass shields on lights that weren’t being switched on, so i could use suction hooks instead.

in terms of the space itself, i think it worked ok. most of the people who came through are very new to this kind of space… it’s such a leap to move beyond participation as reading the words in bold to a prayer on a newssheet…

after the jump are the words for the ‘thirst’ station – we’re using a variation of this at greenbelt, so save the surprise if you think you might get to our service there…

It is easy to be thirsty
when the water is everywhere
when the world is covered with it
when everywhere we look, God is.

But sometimes
it seems the water dries up

and when the cracks appear
in the soil of our faith
we cover them over
with anything we can find,
until even we forget
the thirst that lies underneath.

We no longer wait for rain
and the underground rivers are drying up�

Sometimes faith is having confidence that rain will fall again
Sometimes it�s knowing where water is to be found
And sometimes it�s just having the courage to be found here

and arid