Dead Man Waiting theme 3


Theme 3:

Bible reading: John 16:7

Spoken meditation:

We don’t want the Spirit
We want you.

To touch with, to eat with, to drink with.
To hear your laugh,
to watch the way you change a room
when you walk into it.

We’d even take you angry, shouting and turning over tables,
if it meant we could have you back. Just one last time.

We’d make it different this time.

Response space:

We placed a stack of white paper onto a table.

What is the thing you long for most?

What is the dream – or reality –
that you have lost, which you would give anything to have back,
to be made real again?

Imagine that the shape of this dream
is held in this piece of paper.

Rip it out of the paper. Place it in front of you…

tell God what it’s like to have lost this
tell God how much you long for it to be made real again
tell God what it’s like to be waiting.

When you are ready, and if you can,
leave your longing in the care of God

as you move on.