deadly legacy

A photographic exhibition on the effects of landmines and cluster bombs

Sudan AVN

From Sunday 21st May – Saturday 27th May, 12-5pm at Gallery 314, 314 Church Street Richmond. Entry is free.

Kerryn, who works in the office across from me, is organising this exhibition as part of her work on the international campaign to ban landmines. I’ve seen a couple of the photos – they are stunning and disturbing. The exhibition coincides with landmine action week, and the official opening is on Monday 22nd May, from 6-8 pm. Speakers include landmine survivor Nu Nguyen and photographer John Rodsted. Email kerryn at if you’d like to come to the opening.

“Anti-vehicle landmines and many cluster sub-munitions… target the first people to come in contact with them whether it be a solder during the conflict or a farmer years after. It makes no difference, the weapon cannot differentiate.” – John Rodsted.

(download a pdf of the flier)