December 26

Matthew 2:13-18

The star’s gone, Jesus, and it’s all gone dark.
Yesterday there were visitors and gifts and a world of promises.
Today there’s just a whirl of fear
where babies are killed … for being babies
where families disappear
and you’ve gone missing –
the tears don’t, can’t, won’t ever stop.

Why don’t you make it right, Jesus?
Why don’t you hang around and stand up and take the pain yourself
so that Rachel doesn’t.
Why don’t you get in there and die
because if you do, then maybe her child won’t.
And what makes your life more important than hers?

I guess I should know the answer to that
but at the moment Rachel’s cries fill my ears
and you’ve gone missing
So it’s easier to blame you
than a world that’s just gone mad.

It’s dark here.
I wish the star would come back.