I was asked to write a devotion for the April edition of Network – the magazine produced by the Uniting Church for Adult Fellowships. They’ve given me permission to put it up here too:

April’s quite a month! It contains some of the most important celebrations in the life of the church – Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter Sunday… they can go by in a blur. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether we’re meant to be celebrating, grieving, overjoyed, overwhelmed…

The events of Lent and Easter help us to “practice” a story that’s made real every day – believing that God has experienced and knows the reality of pain, loneliness, despair and death… and that God will transform it into new life.

Today we will invite God into some of those places in our lives. Move around the following spaces – in any order – and enter again into the story of Lent and Easter.

1. Place a bowl of water onto a table.

At the very beginning of this Lenten journey, we heard a story of how Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River.
He heard the voice of God which said – even before he had done anything – ‘you are loved’. And out of that love, he knew his call to take love into the world.

Run your fingers through the water. Remember, as you do so, that you are loved and called by God. Listen for where the voice of the Spirit is calling you to take love into the world….

2. Place some nails onto