don’t let anyone hear i enjoyed a church meeting…

the Commission for Mission presentation went really well i think – very affirming feedback, and (more importantly, of course) great critical reflection on the report. From my perspective, it was a good experience of the church exploring a new area from a generous, non-suspicious framework. That’s a rare gift to someone in a project like this… thanks.
Some of the things we mentioned we want to think about more (I’ll write them up here so as not to forget them)

– more conversation about how alternative worship fits within an ordinary congregational context (particularly important in the country)
– how to shift the educational culture from showcasing to praxis (especially as showcasing so easily becomes intimidating)
– how to use this project as a way to question and stretch the assumptions behind our models of budgeting and finance in the church.
– exploring more about cultural change in the church.
– exploring alternative worship as pre-evangelism (as long as we re-define pre-evangelism…)

What else was there? Leave a comment if you remember me saying that I’d put something else up here…

The worship was ok at the beginning. We are in negotiation, now, about whether I organise the worship for each meeting. It would be nice to give people more exposure to alternative worship, so they don’t just think that there’s one style.

(and Geoff, I changed the word in the report – thanks)