Easter art and sacred space

It’s not quite signed off yet, but it’s a thousand times more likely than it seemed on Tuesday… I’m confident enough that we will have access to the basement carpark for Easter Saturday to be able to do some serious planning.

[i first posted about this last week: the idea is to do a sacred space / installation thing on Easter Saturday in the basement carpark at our office in the centre of melbourne]

If you’ve been lurking, wondering whether you’d like to participate, now’s your moment to let me know. we’re making a time to get together and sketch it all out next week. please don’t think you’re not talented, creative or imaginative enough to be part of this… if i let that instinct win each time it tries, i wouldn’t leave the house each morning.

[If you think you’ve already indicated your interest to me – especially if you did that by email – and you didn’t get the email i just sent, can you let me know? Our work email and internet has been woeful for the last few weeks and emails that i was sent a couple of weeks ago are still coming through at random moments. Emails being sent now are coming through fine – so if i’m not replying now it’s just because i’m rude.]