easter saturday handout

these are the pages of the booklet we gave people as they came in. it was postcard size.

For some inexplicable reason, when i try to upload the cover it completely reshapes itself… it’s the same image as the promo poster. inside the front cover was the layout map of the space, as found in the post below. from the 3rd page on, it went like this:







the pdf is here: booklet_single.pdf


  1. Lyn

    These look really good Cheryl, thanks for putting the pdf up. Who produced these, was it yourself or a team of people?

  2. Cheryl

    hi Lyn,
    Blythe and i played with the words, some of the images were stills from the footage that nahum filmed, i put the images and words together, and grace [who works with me here, covering up my administrative inadequacies] and i did the copying and cutting and stapling. it was a surprisingly quick process, actually – a fairly last minute decision to have something this complex, but it came together easily.

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