easter saturday update

we had the second meeting yesterday to plan the easter saturday art installation / sacred space in the basement carpark here at the office. there’s a fantastic team of people working on this, really inspiring and creative.

there’s lots of background stuff that has to be worked through with this – who are we targetting it at, what is the level and form of participation we can expect or aim for [different for those who are ‘churched’ than those who aren’t – so who do we choose to aim it at?]. what do we call it? how do we bring people into the space so they aren’t overwhelmed by differentness when they walk in (which is primarily a question about how we offer hospitality). and then there’s the issues of personal taste… how cluttered do we want the space to be (that wording gives away my preference!), how non-directive do we want to be…

and there’s the perennial challenge to be willing to give up our best ideas, because there’s a greater point to this than just being clever or creative.

i just realised that one of things i’m loving about this is working in a venue where we can work with the space, rather than against it.