easter worship and art installation

I’ve just asked the powers-that-be in the Synod office whether we can use the basement car park at the office to do sacred space / art installation stuff in over easter. The office is in the centre of the city – the main entrance is off a fairly major pedestrian thoroughfare through the city, and the car park entrance is off a great laneway to the side (Melbourne is known for its lanes, which often have art installations and even random bars set up just for a few weeks). Tomorrow I’ll get in contact with the city council to see if we can use the laneway as well.

The car park is a large concrete space – cold and dark… a perfect canvas for easter…

We started to throw around a few ideas tonight. Let me know if you want to be involved.


  1. Peter Rollins

    Brilliant space… amazing idea! Whatever they pay you its not enough 🙂

  2. Cheryl

    i was about to say that of course i’d do it for nothing, but then it occurred to me that someone might take me seriously.

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