enough with the talking

I feel like I’m spending all my time talking about alternative worship at the moment rather than actually doing it. Which is particularly disappointing given that I’m going through a very inarticulate phase.

I’m spending today preparing for a couple of interviews – one by email, one on radio. Over the last few years we’ve had a few spikes of outside interest – weeks where i do four or five things with the media and ‘out of the loop’ people, and then months without anything. We’re in one of the weeks at the moment [actually, it’s been much longer than a week, but this week is particularly intense].

I met up for a drink last night with someone who got in touch with me after reading the Age, and who was interested in how i’d come to think what i do, and what alternative worship might look like. As I was driving home I faced the reality that i was out of practice trying to talk about alt worship in real language. i’ve fallen back into christian shorthand, cliches, jargon. i kept fading out half way through sentences, ending them with a ‘you know…’, which is the stupidest phrase ever. of course they don’t. that’s why they asked.

translation has to rank up there as one of the most important skills in this role. And as i get ready for a radio interview this afternoon, i need to remember how to be bilingual, fast.