I’ve heard this rumour a few times over the last few weeks – that i’ve moved, or am moving, to the new centre for theology and ministry [CTM] complex in Parkville.

I haven’t. I’m firmly [and very happily] ensconced in the synod office in the city, and within the structures of the commission for mission [CFM]. I’ll be here for the next three years.
it’s not just that i love working in the city [harry from the postal office knows how i like my coffee in the morning, fed square is a 10 minute walk away when i need inspiration, mark pierson is just 100 metres away when i need a coffee, proof reader, or UV lights for worship]. It actually makes no sense for me to be part of the CTM. My role is not focussed on education for ministry – that’s a small subsection of what i do.

i will, of course, continue to enjoy working alongside the CTM in various collaborative ventures…