Esther???s Soir??e

Greetings noble friends and journey-folk.
October 30 sees the fourth of our alternative worship events,
Each Time You Do

Esther’s Soir??e
           the means >> an end

yep – it’s a party!

This event is on a Sunday arvo – hope the shift is OK with y’all.
Sunday October 30
3.00pm flexi-start
57 Hodges Road
Healesville 5962 1153
No rsvp just bring something to BBQ!
Chances are we’ll drift into an early dinner.
Local wines will be provided.

the plan:
1. Eat good simple food, drink good wine and good coffee
2. Talk with interesting people
3. Do interesting things
4. Or not.
It’s up to you to measure your response.

No singing.
No walking down aisles.
No preaching heads.
No specific start or end times


  1. craig mitchell

    these invites are just to tease me, arent they. I’ll get there one day. I’ll have to give you forward notice of a sunday when I’ll be in Melbourne (not in the near future though). I will live in anticipation.

  2. Age

    Hi Mike
    We are in town for this one.
    Will laugh and drink red for/about you Craig.

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