facing christmas head on

a prayer for those who, like me, are wondering where they’ll find the spark of inspiration in the preparation for christmas…

i do not have Mary’s faith
in the impossible
though i know i once did

i remember when the idea that the divine would be born into this world
was real
(miraculous but eminently possible)
when hope was ready, waiting for my bidding
when cynicism was just a front –
the humorous corrective to the optimism
which inevitably, relentlessly won.

i just want to warn you,
source of all life,
that this year –
when i can’t find the faith to face another Christmas
as though it were again the first,
when i will simply be relying on the memory of those that have passed
to pull me through –

you have your work cut out for you.


  1. Oooh wow, that’s exactly the prayer for me today. I’ve been struggling to find something new to do this year… there are so many Advent/Christmas resources on the net, but so few of them are appropriate for our bunch of politically progressive and theologically cynical Christians…

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