faith isn’t faith…

Luckily, a well placed silence is a great thing. The lack of posts here haven’t been deliberately crafted, just a result of making things rather than writing them. It’s been lovely.

I was in Adelaide on Tuesday, just for the day, doing some planning for the February event that Jonny Baker and I are curating. Craig Mitchell flashed a book in front of me, and the page I read included this quote that’s been reverberating in my thinking since:

‘Faith isn’t faith unless it involves a significant risk of failure…’

Which may mean that if we aren’t failing, we aren’t acting enough in faith… after all, success isn’t the primary result we look for; acting faithfully is.

And from Monday’s trip to Marysville and Kinglake, in the fog and hail:



  1. Julie

    Aaah, so where I am at this very moment! Wish it wasn’t so damn scary! But worth it….

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