father bob

i spent a fairly intense and chaotic 45 minutes being interviewed by father bob maguire yesterday afternoon for his podcast. if you’re not from australia, father bob is a larger than life catholic priest from port melbourne who says it like he thinks it… He’s known for his tv series with john safran called speaking in tongues, and for many other things. the results of the conversation have been distilled into a five minute spot, and can be found here. i haven’t listened to it…

i had much more fun than i imagined i would [i thought it would be more terrifying than fun] but we had lots of points of connection… and in fact have hatched a wee plan… which i’m not allowed to talk about yet…


  1. I’m hearing more of Michaela than Bob…

    AHh no, there he is “bloody marvelous”

  2. Redfish

    Very Bob.

    So, Docklands, eh? So much for “Don’t tell anyone”, and “A 5 minute edit”.

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