fed square screen update

I’m not getting much feedback from the people who control the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne, with regards to using the screen in Advent. The management of the screen has been taken over by one of the major communications companies, and the processes have become a little more tangled.

[In that same post, I asked what words we might have scrolling on the walls of the ACMI building… i just went to the fed square website i found that they are now putting up text messages from the public: “The message board allows you to personally send text messages on to the scrolling electronic signage located on the face of the East Shard (near 7-Eleven) adjacent to the corner of Flinders and Swanston Street”. Just text your message through…]

I’m not giving up on the big screen yet, but i’m also musing about some potential alternatives for creating some sacred space in the city in advent. This has inspired me: reverse graffitti.

[Still unable to send emails or access the server. Trying to look on it as a blessing. Failing pretty miserably at that.]


  1. mssprc

    hi, it’s interesting reading your blog. I happen to be an intern at the Fed Square Multimedia office, which operates the big screen. You should contact the Multimedia manager there : Glenn Harding at 0404065664 or Email : glenn.harding@fedsquare.com. He’s pretty nice guy to talk to. If you have a package of contents, he will sure consider that. Good Luck~

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