for what we are about to receive

a grace for before Christmas dinner (best prayed in silence)

before we begin pulling those bloody Christmas crackers, blowing the plastic whistles, making the same jokes about whose head is too big for the hat
give me the grace to laugh and join in

before we begin eating the food that i really don’t enjoy, which was someone else’s choice of menu
give me grace to remember that someone prepared it as a gift of love for me

before we begin the same conversations which will lead to the same arguments
give me grace to listen for wisdom in another’s voice

before i am asked all the wrong questions about my life – questions for which i have no answer, which leave me floundering with their ignorance or tactlessness
give me grace to recognise that they are asked out of love

because this Christmas is not about me.
it won’t be a good Christmas just because i end the day happy.

it will be a good Christmas if i encounter grace and multiply it.

for what i am about to receive,
may the lord make me truly grateful.



  1. And for me: Help me not be bitter about the fact that my husband has just led worship services at 8am, 10:15am, 4pm, 6:30pm, 11pm and them 9am Christmas morning, instead may I rejoice in the fact that people still want to come to church despite a gazillion reason to avoid it.

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