Forest Edge Festival

I spent last weekend at the Forest Edge Festival. Age was running Cafe Praxis, a kind of ‘alternative space’ to the rest of the festival. It was good to spend some time with the Urban Seed crowd there, and to meet some of the people from Tear. People are always the best part of these events…

It was a strange event in some ways. I’m not quite sure that it knew what it was trying to be or do! It will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few years.

We created a Sacred Space as part of the Cafe Praxis tent. Having got a feel for the event, we’ll do it differently next year. The Micah Challenge prayer stations were good, and Chris set up a rice mandala that was lovely.

The idea was to have some moments of alternative worship throughout the weekend, but that didn’t pan out as expected. I think next year we’ll do late night worship – communion one night, and an ambient music and image worship the next. We had a couple of great ideas for worship that didn’t get used (thanks to Craig for late night inspiration…!). I’ll post them up later.


  1. Age

    That’s (above) a link to a photo gallery of the weekend.
    Late night worship would work well. 🙂

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