forge victoria

I had coffee yesterday with Phil McCredden who is the new director of Forge Victoria. Our relationship with Forge has always been pretty rocky, so our conversation yesterday was an attempt to find a way to work together differently – thanks to Phil for initiating it. Forge Victoria are reconfiguring themselves at the moment, and it’s going to be an interesting couple of years coming up. It feels very healthy – I walked away from the meeting thinking the space I’m working in is a little less lonely, which was an unexpected outcome!

Phil blogs here. He and Dan, his wife, used to blog at signposts, which was an extraordinary phenomena in the australian religious blogosphere. The new blog is quite different in focus, and will be really interesting reading.


  1. I’m so very delighted to hear that UCA Vic/Tas is dancing with forge. Both have a lot to offer each other, and I look forward to being part of the journey. We’ll do our best to foster a strong relationship with Forge Tas so that we journey together on both sides of the water.


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