from dirt

yeah, i know, my understanding of physiology sucks. i care little about that.

from dirt to dirt

every part of our body comes from the life around us
grown by food and air and water
that shapes us into being.

even the very things that make our soul
– memories that tangle with experience
dreams and fears and
– are created and held in being
by a million neural pathways

and by brain cells made by
food and air and water

and when we are gone
they will be too

back to the earth
to make another

we will not be
but we will be


  1. ben

    I’m not good with numbers… but at uni the other day, we were told that there are more possible connections between neurons in the brain than there are atoms in the universe. That was a big moment.

    Keep writing this way Cheryl.

    You will be the next (japanese death) poet that inspire the next Bill Viola in 500 years.

    Love it.

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