getting back on track

[things have been a bit weird over the last months – none of the liturgies or worship spaces i’ve worked on have sat quite right with me. i think i’ve worked out why, and what to do. there’s a danger things might now get weirder for you who read this, but they’ll be more on track for me…]

i trawl the thesaurus for inspiration
discarding words as quickly as i encounter them


none quite fit
and all have lost their gloss,

turned grubby with my fingerprints,
and misshapen as i’ve forced them
into a box that doesn’t fit.

if i look on the ground around me
i see their edges
which fell, discarded and forgotten,
when the lid was closed.

they were the bits that i wanted to hold.

for now
i’m experimenting.

letting go of the box
and playing
amongst discarded edges

just to see where they might take me.

come along if you’d like
though i can’t promise to be good company.
i’ve always done my best travel on my own…


  1. I hope those five words re-gain some of there gloss for you!

    But I know where you’re coming from. Still got a spare seat for the journey? I’m game!

    cannot discover
    new oceans

    Until he has courage
    to lose sight
    of the shore


    “Loving Kindness” – try it in Google.

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