going back

Today’s task is to finish re-tagging and re-categorising every post on this blog… i’m half way through [i spent six hours on it yesterday / last night]… There is reason for the madness [a new blog / website that’s about to launch]… but it’s one of those things that if you know how crappy a job it is, you just wouldn’t even begin…

it’s a weird ride, going through everything again. it’s funny being able to see the peaks and troughs… the moments of radical rethinking [i wonder, when i went to the UK in 2006, if i knew how pivotal that trip would be…]; the waves of feedback, resonance, criticism, attack, affirmation; the self absorption and introspection at moments [i’m so sorry for them!]; the cringe of embarrassment when i see ideas that never actually took off…

i think in my mind that so much of what has happened in this project is defined by what hasn’t happened – stalled attempts, things that just didn’t quite work, outright failures; the absolute fragility of everything we do. it’s been a bit of an eye opener to realise those things are in the minority, and how they almost always turned out to be the spark that created another possibility… the ideas that didn’t work took everything into another direction, where we wouldn’t have gone if they had.

i’m a little shocked that it was only two years ago


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