Grassroots is a festival being organised by Forge in Melbourne on April 11-13. It’s a veritable feast of input and opportunities: Sally Morgenthaler, Mike Frost, Danielle Strickland, Steve Timmis, Andrew Jones, Alan Hirsch, etc. etc…

We’re hosting a hub, as part of the festival, here in the basement. It’s going to be based around the connecting point between spirituality, mission and worship. We’re very keen for this to not just be a theoretical space, so we’re going to create an installation / sacred space as part of the hub.

so, if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to be part of creating something like this in the city, this might be it! email me if you’d like to be involved…


  1. Hey Cheryl,

    Welcome back! I might be interested in contributing from afar. I’ll be in PNG for a week later this month and I’m spending a few weeks in Africa in March. If I know what the theme is, I can send through some photos that may help build on the fabric.

  2. Thanks Cheryl,

    I will have some footage as well, so perhaps I’ll see what I’ve got when I’m back from PNG and watch this space to see if there’s anything that I can offer for use.

    Luckily I’ll be back for this one, so I should be able to make it as well.

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