greenbelt 08

I keep trying to get a moment to blog – i’ve been trying for the last three weeks – but it’s quite busy at the moment! I’ve made a deliberate attempt to leave the computer off wherever possible, and blogging is paying the cost of that! but we’re in Stratford-upon-Avon, post Greenbelt, having 24 hours recovery, and i’ve got 5 minutes before checkout time…

Greenbelt was fabulous, as always. it was a really busy greenbelt – i was involved in a lot of stuff, as well as trying to make greenbelt possible for the group… the mud and cold made some of that a little trickier… but it was really wonderful to catch up with the people who hold space for me… more about that and them later.

We curated worship on Saturday afternoon. It was a little risky, we build the worship around very australian imagery and it was hard to predict how easy that would be for people to enter into. I think it went OK. I’ll put up what we did as soon as I can.

I’ve got better at doing Greenbelt – I’m less and less interested in hearing people speak, and more looking for the possibilities of conversations with people in similar spaces to me… i was thinking about things i’d like to do next year: i’d like to be involved in a couple more roundtables – one with women in leadership [laura, cary, nadia, jen, etc], not to talk about being women in leadership, but just to talk about leadership… the other thing i’d like to be involved with is a conversation about prison stuff, which is something a number of people talked to me about on the weekend. i’m imagining these would be things that are less ‘panel’ like, and more conversation amongst the group.

Anyway, we’re on to Telford today to meet with Mark Berry and the community there. Our group is a really interesting mix of people [as are most groups!]. it will be interesting to see how our conversation unfolds, what the focus will be: how things fit within the ‘institution’, or how communities work…

i’ll write more whenever we have access again – about worship, and also about the prison stuff down in Exeter and Channings Wood last week.


  1. kel

    “the people who hold space for me”
    that is such a treasure isn’t it – to have the tables turned and be on the receiving end
    instead of the giving and holding end
    glad to hear that was part of the greenbelt experience for you
    that’s battery recharging stuff

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