greenbelt ’08

as i’ve just this week entered the scary parallel universe inhabited by the landed gentry, i can no longer take off overseas at the drop of a hat [or with the swipe of a credit card].

[truth is, it was never that easy, but it’s even less easy now.]

however, i’ve realised a diet of greenbelt every few years is essential for one’s sanity – even the promise of it is enough to keep one surviving… so, while next year needs to be my stay at home year, i can do that if i know that i’ll be back in cheltenham in 2008.

so, that’s the plan. but i think that now is the time to get coordinated about it. Nadia? Jen? Lisa? Nic? [why haven’t you a blog, Nic?]. Should 2008 be the year we take it on?

Anyone else want to come play in 2008? We can hire those tents together, share those much anticipated drinks in the organic beer tent, and perhaps even plan a quickstop tour to meet some impressive and inspiring people afterwards…


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