greenbelt update

Nic, from NSW, and I have been meeting over the last couple of days to plan the greenbelt trip. We have 16 people travelling this year, which has led us to split part of the trip into two groups – the group that Nic’s coordinating will be more focussed on meeting with people who work with the ‘institution’ to see how they create space for alternative forms of christian community within their denomination. i’m coordinating the other group which will be focussed solely on visiting communities around the UK to hear their stories.

there’s no more space left in the group… and there are even a number of people who have said they can’t come this year, but would love to be part of a trip next year. we’re really delighted that so many people from such diverse perspectives want to be part of these trips. they’re building a critical mass of people who ‘get’ the conversation.