[i know i said i wouldn’t be blogging, but we just got definite about this today…]

One of the big questions we’ve been working with this year is how to inspire thinking outside the box – to move from models of what we know in terms of faith communities and worship, into completely new headspaces. We have a growing number of people around here who want desperately for something new, but it’s hard to make a lateral jump into a whole new space when everything we’ve seen comes from the old.

One of things we think might help is to see some stuff that’s happening in other places – not to replicate it, but to stretch our thinking beyond our current reality. So the synod here has decided to invest a little into doing that. With that in mind, we’re heading off to the UK in August – me, John from St Kilda, and Mike from Healesville, along with Nic and a few others from NSW. We’ll be going to Greenbelt, and then spending a bit of time visiting some alt worship / emerging church communities over there.

There’s space for others who are interested to come along too. If you are, get in touch and i’ll let you know cost and details, etc.


  1. craig

    mikey’s going to greenbelt with you. dang. I’d love to join the party. oh well. 2008 it is.

  2. mike

    It’s a bit overwhelming! Is it a bit silly to be packing yet? 😉

  3. Cheryl

    it’s never too early for the practice pack, mike.

    craig, would be just lovely to have you along. i’m planning to go next year as well in a personal capacity… mostly to hang out with nadia, my favourite sarcastic lutheran.

  4. I’ve started to save for next year Gbelt and maybe IASYM or Princeton in the next 2 years as well.

    Would seriously be saving re Gbelt this year but decided that I really should go to the National YWkers Inservice instead.

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