back from leave, trying to remember how to plan worship…

(does anyone else have that moment at the beginning of planning where you can’t remember how to do it? a sense of panic that the muse has departed forever?)

i’m planning worship for a conference in a couple of weeks – i’m doing a workshop alongside it. The lectionary readings are the seed parables in Mark: the kingdom of heaven is like…

i like that it’s a process – the kingdom of heaven isn’t an end result, it’s the ongoing bringing of life… the kingdom of heaven is us collaborating with God in the story of life in the world…

i was googling for images, movies and animations about seeds and plants and growing, and was inspired by these:
Stanford University (where they investigate plant cell development and morphogenesis, utlilizing live cell imaging techniques to visualize cellular structure and dynamic behavior…) has, scattered through its site, short movies that can be downloaded of cells doing miraculous things. Perfect for using in Arkaos.
Plants in motion has time lapse movies of seeds germinating, flowers opening, and even leaves wilting (i love this one here). Some aren’t high enough resolution to use in full screen, but they will be great in Arkaos, and i see something happening in flash, though i’m not quite sure what yet…)

and then there’s the site for the slowlife exhibition which has the most gorgeous soundtrack. I’m going to use the tulip timelapse in the workshop following the worship, alongside a painting of tulips, talking about how our worship can either be a still life, or living. it’ll work better than it sounds.

i’ve emailed the sites to get permission – it seems to be that they’re good for use in not-for-profit educational settings.