healesville’s moment of clarity… part 2

We don’t only have worship at Mike and Claire’s in Healesville because they have a data projector permanently mounted from their living room ceiling… but it would be poor stewardship if we didn’t use it since it’s there…

Last month worship was created around the story of the walk to Emmaus. It took a shape around the idea of Jesus telling the story of the world in a new way. In the living room space we projected the website 10 by 10 onto the wall. People were invited to imagine how Jesus’ presence might mean those stories are told in a new way, and to write or draw those thoughts onto cards which were then stuck onto the projected images on the wall.





  1. mike

    An interesting thing happened during the 10by10 exercise… It became apparent to us that this is inherently all-age worship. For a long time the holy grail of traditional worship, in the Healesville experiment we’ve realised that everything we do is interesting and appropriate for all ages. My boys, 2 and 6, spent more than an hour sticking pictures to the wall. Look in the images for “spaghetti for the world”. On reflection, they’ve enjoyed each event for different reasons.

    Something in that for all of us…

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