History of God

i’m reading Karen Armstrong’s “History of God” at the moment. i thought it would be really dry, but i’m absolutely engrossed. She outlines the evolution of humankind’s perceptions and understanding of God through history. She skates over some things, it’s certainly not the whole picture (how could it be?), and i’d want to question her interpretation at times, but i’ve learnt so much about all the major religions, and their development through history. it’s been a really good book to read at this point in time. at the moment i’m in the section that talks about the period of time between 500 – 1000 CE, which includes the beginnings of Islam. It’s given me much to think about.

i’m off for the next few days, back in the middle of next week (i’m writing this in the business centre of the qantas club where i’m sitting next to the veronicas… my niece is going to be beside herself when i tell her… )


  1. I have that one on my shelf right now. Honestly, I bought it just to get to $25 and free shipping on Amazon.com. Glad to hear that someone else has been enjoying it. Makes me feel better about my impulse buy. Maybe I should read it before I head to seminary. 🙂

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