to do today: absolutely nothing

advent was a mad whirlwind this year… but not only did we survive it, if it were to unfold like that again, i’d still choose not to sacrifice the workload for my sanity [but please don’t tell that to those who love me from up close]. it was an amazing mix of contexts and people, only the surface of which could be covered in this blog.

christmas morning – yesterday – we’d finished the service at the prison, and the men had lit candles for the places in the world and their lives which were waiting for light to be born. i’d said the final blessing to send them out, waited for the chatter to begin, but instead the men sat there in absolute silence for at least 10 minutes. it was probably the moment they’d been waiting for – when i’d just shut up and let them have some space in which peace could come.

which i’m now generously giving you for the next 38 days… because i’m on holidays! it’s going to be wonderful… recovery time in melbourne, followed by a week laying on a beach in tasmania, followed by a week in adelaide, and then a long, long roadtrip up to the very middle of australia where the weather will be obscenely, frightfully hot, and the horizon will stretch out in ways that it doesn’t do anywhere else in the world.

i’ll have limited internet access – i’ll check emails every now and again, but i predict absolutely no desire for blogging. i do hope you’ll come back when i return at the beginning of february… and may the new year bring all new horizons for you too.


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