holy ground :: holy city taster

images of acts of redemption in the city… and these words:

glimpses of redemption
already unfolding.

acts of justice;
of pre-meditated

surges of liberation
pre-emptive strikes of hope.

do not wait to see the flames
in a burning bush.
the flames are everywhere:
held in every piece of gravel
as pervasive as the grime that gathers on the walls of buildings

do not be stopped simply by the absence of a voice telling you to go:
it’s there, waiting to be heard
within the relentless beeping of a pedestrian crossing
in the squeal of tram tracks
the background hum of airconditioning units

liberation is waiting to unfold
on every streetcorner
in every city square.

we choose, in our everyday
– just like moses did:

will we place ourselves on the side of life

or not?