holy week 2005… the anointing

John 12:1-8

In the foyer of the church we played with the contrast of Mary’s deep intuitive knowledge of Jesus’ saving love, and the condemning voices of the other disciples who wanted salvation to come in a very different shape.


We had a looping animation playing, asking just what kind of saviour Jesus is, and played Lamb’s “Lullaby” over the top

“We’ll have joys outnumbered
We’ll share perfect moments
You and me…”

On a table near the screen were two bowls. The first was filled with oil and had the following words next to it:

Mary took a jar of very expensive oils, anointed and massaged Jesus’ feet, and then wiped them with her hair.

This was an act of pure love in the middle of a week from hell. . .

Take some oil. . .

make a sign of the cross on the back of your hand to take with you as you walk.

Let the fragrance of love be your company on this journey.


The second bowl was filled with water, and had these words next to it:

Judas, one of the disciples, asked “Why was this oil not sold, and the money given to the poor?”.

How easy it is to drown out acts of love with words of accusation, cynicism and power. . .

It’s so easy that it happens around us every day.

Using your finger, write a prayer in the water…

for those who crush love with cynicism and power…
and for those who are crushed by their words and actions…

Let your prayer be held in the love of God