holy week 2005 (part 1) … the entry

We covered the floor of the entrance with a mess of dying palm branches, left from palm sunday, and gave people the following words:

We leave the palm branches behind here, and with them we leave behind the images of a
saviour that we long for, and cling to, but which the events of this holy
week contradict…

our longing for a saviour who will rescue us.

our claim of a saviour who is ‘on our side’.

our belief in a gentle saviour, meek and mild.

our desire for a saviour who will rule to the popular vote.

our fear of a saviour who is unapproachable, disinterested
and removed.

We move into this week with only one certainty:
we are in the company of God
who pursues us and saves us with relentless love.

Welcome to worship