holy week 2005… the last supper

To be honest, we needn’t have bothered with the rest of the stations… the table was like a magnet. People stayed for there hours.

The ‘table’ was set up on the floor of the sanctuary – in reality, it was 10 metres of fabric laid out on the floor – with cushions around it for people to sit on. The table was laid with loaves of bread, bottles of wine and wine glasses.


“Jesus’ love never failed me yet” was playing in the background, and the following words were on the table:

In the living of this story,
history finds its common point.

We eat bread and drink wine in the company of Jesus and his disciples on that night so long ago,
and in the company of people of faith since that time and into the future.

When we sit at this table,
heaven finds its place on earth.

Who are the people whose stories and lives brought you to this table?

Who are the people you long to join us here?

If you would like, write their names on the cloth…