home… pictures on the wall

The wall in the community space at the church is used as a kind of gallery space already, hanging works by artists within the congregation. We projected the following mosaic image, made up of pictures of refugees, onto the wall, so it became another of the pictures. The prayers were written on gold card and stuck on the wall around the picture.

refugee mosaic

There are 19 million refugees around the world.

That’s 19 million people who, tonight, are longing for a home, a place to belong, a place to be safe.

When Jesus spoke of God’s realm, he used lots of images. He spoke of feasts, banquets, of houses with many rooms. Jesus had a vision of a world where everyone is welcome, and everyone knows home.

Write your prayer for those who have no home tonight

for those who have never known a home

or for those whose homes are not safe…

and add your prayer to the frame around the picture…

Join your prayer to Jesus’ prayer.


  1. craig mitchell

    I really, really like this pic! how did you get the montage looking like a house? I’m sure I should know the answer to this……

  2. Cheryl

    it took hours, getting all those pictures in the right place…

    or, the program asks you to select an image to make the montage from – it can be any jpg file.

  3. craig mitchell

    you didn’t tell me the name of the program…. this isnt the montage-a-google thing, is it?

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