home… praying for those without one

I’ve been playing with MacOSaix, a program i discovered through Jonny, and created a picture of a house, made up of images of refugees [note to self: after this weekend, work out how to link to external sites in wordpress…].

I’ll get it printed onto A0 size paper, stick it on the wall on Saturday night, and we’ll invite people to create a ‘frame’ around it with their prayers for those who have no home.

The UNHCR estimates there are currently 19 million refugees in the world… an amount almost equivalent to the population of Australia… i sorted through hundreds of images of refugees last night, in order to sift out those that are too graphic to use in this context, and found myself wanting to ditch the entire worship, and just have a lament for the world being as it is… everything else just feels indulgent in the light of this reality.


  1. if you’re after some images of faces from all over the world i can upload some to download…

    they’re from old reflections that geoff developed years ago for our “world service” something i’d like to kick off again ine day…

    but the only issue is im not sure where the images came from and its highly likely they’re not “legal”

  2. Cheryl

    i’ve got enough now – but thanks! google image search came to the rescue. In fact, i have about 800 on my computer just now if you want to use them… the good thing about the mosaic thing is that you can just use thumbnails, because they’re small in the final product.

  3. craig mitchell

    that Mac thingy. I knew I’d come across it somewhere.

    these are all rational blogs! (sip) this is a real blog now. I’m going to have to read it more often. really.

    you are bloody good at all this.

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