home… the bedroom

This was one of the spaces designated for one person at a time. We set up a bed in the church office – just a mattress, doona, pillows – and covered it with a large piece of bedspread-like fabric. The music was different in this space – we played Urban Myth Club’s So Beautiful.

What brought you here tonight? What’s the reason behind the reason?

Is there a longing you have inside you that pulled you here?

Is there a yearning you’ve barely admitted to yourself, let alone anyone else?

Let this space be yours, just for the next little while.

No one will disturb you.

No one can see you.

It’s just a space for you and God.



This is home.

And when you are ready to leave, cut a shape from the bedspread that will remind you of God’s presence. Take it with you.

It’s a reminder that the God who has been your company here, is your company wherever you go.