Home… the feast

The table was set with bread and wine – we decided on that for the symbolism. The bread was on plates which had different feast stories from the Gospels written on them.


Jesus ate with a lot of people… and he talked a lot about feasts.

He dreamed of a day when everyone would know they were welcome
when everyone would have a place at the table,
when everyone would have enough to eat.

You don’t get a picture of Jesus’ feasts being grand dinner parties where you had to wear the right clothes, or know which fork to use, or where you were more worried about wehther you’d dirty the table cloth than you were about having a good time, or finding out more about your neighbour.

Jesus didn’t care about dirty table cloths.

He just wanted everyone to know there was a place set for them,
with a plate and glass that were already full.


So eat some of the bread, and drink some of the wine.

And eat and drink some more.

And remember. It’s just a taste of the party to come.