home… the living room

Armchairs, cushions, coffee table with lego, tv and vcr with episodes of The Wonder Years playing silently…

Ever wondered why it’s your family that has to be the most uncool?
or why the arguments you have in your home don’t get solved in 30 minutes (minus the ad breaks)?
or when someone will make a tv program about a family that really exists

where people fight
and sometimes really, really dislike each other (for days on end)
where hearts shatter every day
but then sometimes mysteriously get rebuilt with tiny acts of grace and love

The Bible’s full of stories of imperfect, fighting, grumpy, dysfunctional families.
It’s the kind of family God knows best.

and God knows (and hopefully you do too)
that even in the most dysfunctional families
there’s space for grace and love and hope and joy.

Use the lego to add your bit to the house…
make it your prayer for your family…

and loved by God.

lego home