ok. So there are a thousand things that could be done, all of which would be brilliant… if i’m ever stuck for ideas i’m calling craig and darren… oh, i do that already…

it’s just an issue now of working out which are the brilliant ideas for this worship.

I have to go simple, if only because I have another commitment at the moment that’s taking up all my out-of-office-hours time, and I’m already going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5.30 to get that under control…

and also because ‘simple’ worship often has layers that get hidden if there’s too much clutter.

and because it’s 12 – 18 year olds who’ll be coming, most of whom will have never experienced worship like this

So I think the ‘home’ focus will be less about ‘this is what it’s like for me at home’ (let the debriefing / counselling happen elsewhere…), and more about ‘this worship shows us how home is with God’. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that makes sense for me…

so there’ll be a feast – a living representation of the feast that God invites the world to – probably not a bbq, craig, i’d do that for an older group though…

and there’ll be a space where we can confess – that’ll be the dirty clothes thing (how to get the ‘dirt’ on the fabric??… i’m a bit bored with writing on fabric… )

there’ll be a space for inviting the world to see the promise of this ‘home’ – graffitti on the wall, i think (sparked off by Darren’s canvas idea)

there’ll be a space for acknowledging that our ideas of home, and the world’s ideas of home, and God’s ideas of home don’t match at all – that will be the living room space

there’ll be a reflection / reading space (lazy sunday afternoon hammock in the backyard, i think… anyone have a hammock?)

there’ll be a sanctuary space (bedroom) – ripping apart the quilt

and there’ll be a family photo… collage space … who’s missing in the picture (havent’ worked this one out – want to think about the people who have no home)

and something ecological … would be great to do someting about the story of the land on which the ‘home’ is built…

so it’s not quite all together yet, but it’s getting there.

though having got Arkaos yesterday, it’s very, very tempting to not do ‘home’ at all, and just to go very ambient, four stations (bread, wine, candles, reflection), images and music…


  1. craig mitchell

    aaah. i hadnt read this. this is all very non-linear. I like the way this is/was heading. great.




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