how beautiful is this?

Over the last year or so, we’ve noticed that the old blog has been creaking a little at the joints and coming apart a little at the seams… we’ve been making a plan, and today it’s come together…

The design of this new site is all Claire’s work, and I’m so grateful to Mike, Dan and Vasko for making the mechanics work… I remember having an initial conversation with Claire about the new design where I was, typically, frightfully inarticulate. She listened to my faltering attempts to describe a feel, or a look – the kind of conversation where every sentence fades off to nothing, and in the end i confess I have no ideas at all – and then she came back with this. It was instantly, amazingly, perfect. Mike has miraculously put up with my impatience, and been incredibly good humoured throughout the whole process, even the most fraught bits of it! I only hope the content will live up to the gorgeousness of the site…

I think it’s probably fairly self explanatory. The blog stands on its own… and then the different parts of the Hold This Space project have their own section. They’ll keep building up with downloads and images – what’s there now is only the beginning – which will mean resources that focus on a particular area will be much easier to find – christmas resources for worship in prison, for example, or downloads from workshops. You can subscribe to the main blog feed, or to each individual category feed if you’re only interested in the one area.

I really hope you find it easier, and useful… All those years ago, when I started, I never imagined how integral this would be to what i do. So thanks for getting this far. I hope you’ll keep coming back.


  1. Jeff

    Wow! Thrilled to have poked and prodded, meandered and wandered throughout this new (old) space. Thanks for the freshness of not only this space but also the way you have prompted us to reencounter our own spaces!

  2. The new site looks great. I always loved the look of your previous blog – this one does a good job of following it.

  3. Kel

    congratulations Cheryl and Co on this birth
    may your work and lives be blessed
    as you are a blessing to others

  4. Andrea

    I love it too. I will open some champagne anyway, even if you are STILL NOT HERE……

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