a breath of different air

back at the office today, listening to the gale force winds outside and revelling in the freedom that comes from not having looked too closely at my diary for the next few months… by memory it’s not a busy few months, event wise, and the plan is to focus heavily on worship in prison … including working with a group from the women’s prison to plan a christmas alt worship service… [i suspect a midnight mass is completely out of the question, but it would be wonderful…]

this is a psalm from William in Exeter prison…

How long must we wait, God?
Every day is the same.
Time to do yesterday again.
Each door, each day to keep me.
No news from home.
No home for hope.

How long must we wait, God?

The only things that happen are
the rattle of keys
banging of doors to keep me
Feed me, watch me and work me.
The circle I walk has no end.

How long must I wait, God?
All we do is what we’re told,
When we’re told.
How we’re told.
Till we’re old.

How long must we wait, God?

Every day we ask for a breath of different air.
An old face to see new.
A family to bring me home.

How long must we wait, God?
Every day we wait for a gentle touch
the softest breath
freedom for my mind
The walk with no doors

How long must we wait, God?


  1. otherendup

    Hi Cheryl,
    been following you from over here in Perth, for some time now. I am a chaplain in our state school system and am drawn to your reflections from the prisons.

    i am part of a small group of friends exploring our faith in community outside of the traditional evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal church, which most of us have grown up in. I was wondering if there are templates you use when engaging with people in the writing of psalms, blessings, lamentations and the like. I noticed some of the inmates work from the prisons in the UK had a similar format. Any direction you could point me in to explore this a little more – there are about 9 couples and nearly 20 kids under 13yo that form our little gatherings.

    peace for the road ahead,

  2. hi Matt, yes we do use templates. I normally rip apart existing Psalms – removing some paragraphs and leaving a skeleton – and then offer sentence starters for the men to finish. I’ll email you the templates and process that we use next week. Hope it’s useful for your community…

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