how much more silent can you get?

More than 18,000 people confirmed dead after an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hits parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. [Source: The Age] 


"…and after the fire a terrorist attack
But the Lord was not in the terrorist attack
And after the terrorist attack a war on terror
But the Lord was not in the war on terror
And after the war on terror a tsunami
But the Lord was not in the tsunami…

And after all this, a sound of sheer silence"


God of the sheer silent voice

i wonder how much more silent you can get.

In my middle class comfort, just last week
i was espousing, confidently,
how the stories of redemption and grace in my life are what make you real to me –
and they do.

But then an earthquake shatters the world,
keeping company with hurricanes and mudslides,

and the world falls apart again.

I know you are a god who cannot stop this.
Your power and might are different
and in my middle class comfort i know they save me

but i wonder how they save this world.

So mercy, God.
for those for whom redemption and grace can come only through eternity.

and i pray you can keep faith with that.