I Kings 19… the angels

NYLTC worship, station 3

I Kings 19:4-8 

He came to a lone broom bush and collapsed in its shade, wanting in the worst way to be done with it all–to just die: "Enough of this, GOD! Take my life–I’m ready to join my ancestors in the grave!" Exhausted, he fell asleep under the lone broom bush.

Suddenly an angel shook him awake and said, "Get up and eat!"

He looked around and, to his surprise, right by his head were a loaf of bread baked on some coals and a jug of water. He ate the meal and went back to sleep.

The angel of GOD came back, shook him awake again, and said, "Get up and eat some more–you’ve got a long journey ahead of you."

He got up, ate and drank his fill, and set out.


We used the chapel for this station. We set out fabric to cover the floor, put loaves of bread and jugs of water with glasses on the fabric, along with felt tip markers. As background music, we played Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Answer’… "Cast me gently into morning, for the night has been unkind…" 


Elijah travelled all day and lay down in the wilderness to sleep

there was no end in sight for his journey

and no-one walking alongside him.

Just Elijah and the rocks and the sand.

So when he woke in the morning and found bread and water by his head he knew he had been visited by angels.

        They couldn’t take Elijah out of this journey

        But they could give him the strength to go on.

            Sit and eat some bread.
            Drink some water.

                Think about the angels who offer you bread and water on
                your journey.

                        Write their names onto the cloth as a prayer of
                        thanks to God